Q. Can I legally hire an escort in California?
A. Yes, you can legally hire an escort here in San Diego, California. Our escorts are not prostitutes and nothing about our business is in any way illegal. You are trading your money for our time. Well, not our time, but the time of the escort with whom you go out. Your booking fee does also cover the administration we provide in cross-referencing your schedule with hers. SanDiegoBabeFinder.com is a service that allows men who want to spend time around beautiful women to find women who are willing to do that.

Q. What is the process for hiring a San Diego escort?
A. If you want to book an escort, pick one from our profile pages. Usually the client picks the girl who most excites him, but your choice is entirely up to you. Then let us know. If your first choice is available for booking when you request, we’ll put the two of you in touch. If she’s not, we’ll help you make another choice. Then you and your escort will meet somewhere and proceed to enjoy your time together. When it’s over, she leaves. It is really that simple.

Q. Can I specify the clothes my escort wears?
A. Certainly, you can tell us about any special clothing requests you might have. This is pretty common. Our clients often don’t just want a beautiful girl to spend time with, but also a beautiful girl who is wearing a specific outfit. Other clients specify ethnicity or hair color. We are happy to do everything possible to meet your specifications. We can’t always hit them perfectly, but we’ll give you what is available and within our power to supply. We very much want you to enjoy yourself with our young ladies.

Q. How much time should I book with my escort?
A. The amount of time that you reserve for a booking depends on just what it is you think you are going to do. If you know you need an escort for a specific social function and that social function has a start time and an end time, then it would make sense to book that amount of hours, plus any added time for travel to get there and so on. Really, all you have to do is look at how long your anticipated activities are likely to last, and book accordingly. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some dates are simpler than others, and some excursions are considerably longer (such as if you want to go away for a weekend, or something like that). You will find most of our escorts are pretty cooperative about a variety of times.

Q. What if I want more time with my San Diego escort?
A. We certainly understand that sometimes, things are going so well that you don’t want your date to stop. Some clients book a certain duration and then regret that they didn’t ask for longer. Or they were conservative in their estimate and then enjoyed their escort more than they thought they would. Whatever the case, if your young lady’s schedule permits, you can contact us to see about extending your time together. You will, of course, have to pay for the additional time, but it’ll be worth it.

Q. I don’t live in San Diego. Can I still use your service?
A. Of course you can use our service. You can use our service from anywhere in the country, as long as you are going to be the San Diego area for the time of the booking you have made. You might be traveling to San Diego for a vacation, or on business, or to see us specifically. Any of that is fine. We just need you to adhere to the time of your booking because, while your young lady will be prompt, she would appreciate it if you were the same.

Q. Are your escorts reviewed?
A. No, we don’t post reviews of our escorts on our website, nor do we encourage you to use any third-party review sites. Our escorts try very hard to maintain your privacy when you go out with them, and it isn’t fair to subject them to public scrutiny or criticism (which is what most review sites are or become). We make every effort to see to it that you are satisfied with your escort booking, so there should be no need to post a review, positive or negative, about the experience.

Q. What special rules should I follow when I take my lady out?
A. Mutual respect isn’t really a special rule. There is no specific set of guidelines for dating one of our escorts, but we do ask that you be clean, respectful, and polite. Treat our young lady the way you would want to be treated by someone you did not know, someone with whom you are entering into a business relationship. Our escorts work hard and go out of their way to see to it you have everything you need. Appreciate that and everything will work out fine.

Q. Where are your escorts from?
A. Our escorts come from all around the country, and some even come from foreign countries. You will find that each of them is a tantalizing beauty. Some are home grown and some are exotic, but all are lovely and fun. And you will be able to communicate with them all, we promise. Do you prefer a certain ethnicity? Let us know when you make your booking and we may be able to supply you with your preference. We do our best when we are fully informed of everything you need. Let us know.

Q. How are your San Diego escorts checked out, if at all?
A. We run background checks on all our girls for your safety and security. We also interview them to make sure that they have the right attitude to do this type of work. We want friendly girls who are personable and cooperative. We also want girls who are emotionally stable and happy to be doing the work they doing. Every San Diego escort you book through us enjoys what she does and is happy to meet you and get to know you. She is also skilled at maintaining your privacy so that you can enjoy your escort experience without worrying about anyone finding out about it.

Q. Can I come to your office?
A. No, our office is not set up for visitors, nor do the girls entertain clients here. We are what’s called an “outcall” service. This means that our escorts go to meet you, usually at your home or hotel, but also sometimes at other locations where the two of you have agreed to meet. All you have to do to use our service is a pick a location to meet your escort that she accepts.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just search online for an escort?
A. The only thing stopping you from doing so is common sense. Trying to find an escort yourself and booking the time of a freelance escort through an online classified advertisement can be very time consuming, as you have to sift through all of the online ads to find one that is suitable. You also have no reason to believe that what is being advertised is actually what you will get. With us, by contrast, you are getting a guarantee of quality, and an accountable agency to back it up.

Q. Are you affiliated with the San Diego Backpage?
A. No, we are not affiliated in any way with the adult services section of the Backpage (San Diego) listings. These are just online classified ads; they are not, in and of themselves, a business entity. We do, however, regularly go through the Backpage listings in order to find promising new escorts on the scene whom we think might make good additions to our agency. We screen them, check them out thoroughly, and then add them to our staff. This means we are the best of both worlds. Contact us today.

Q. How expensive is it to book a San Diego escort?
A. Many men hesitate when it comes to booking an escort because they are worried about the cost. Really, though, a San Diego escort is much cheaper than trying to date a woman out in the “real world.” All of the costs of booking an escort are right up front, the amounts known to you. This lets you plan ahead for what the booking will cost you. You never have to worry about unexpected costs coming up after the fact. This makes escorts a much more affordable, predictable alternative.

Q. Can I talk to my escort directly before I book her?
A. We understand how tempting our ladies are, and it’s very normal for you to want to talk to them directly. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we can’t let you just speak to them ahead of time. You can communicate with your new young lady friend after the booking is secured and the two of you are arranging to meet somewhere, and of course nothing is stopping the two of you from exchanging contact information if that is what you want once you meet each other. But it won’t be possible for you to talk to her ahead of time before the booking is secured.

Q. What will my escort do for me?
A. What won’t your escort do for you? In all seriousness, though, your escort has agreed to spend time with you in exchange for her booking fee. She’ll attend social events with you, if that’s what you want. She’ll make you look good by proximity. She’ll also spend time with you by yourself, just talking to you and getting to know you, if that is what you are looking for. Our escorts can be booked for a wide variety of formal and informal social and business events.

Q. Can I take photographs with my escort?
A. If she will allow it, then sure. Not every escort is as comfortable with every other escort when it comes to taking photos with clients, but most are happy to do so. We understand why you might want some photos to remember your experience by and to share with friends. There is nothing quite like a photo of yourself quite obviously enjoying the company of a lovely young lady. We suggest that if you want photos, you talk to your escort about it.

Q. Are the photographs on your website really the girls you offer?
A. Yes, all of the photos on our website are absolutely genuine. It’s amazing to most people the first time they visit our site and see just how attractive our escorts are, but that is them, and they are the real deal. We’re extremely proud of the talent we have arrayed here at SanDiegoBabeFinder.com, and we think you will be impressed by our ladies too. We invite you to look through our profile pages and make your selection. Every one of our girls is top quality.

Q. Can I book a bunch of escorts for my bachelor party?
A. Yes, absolutely, you can book several escorts at the same time for a party. Many of our clients do just that, because nothing saves a party from being dull and unremarkable quite like injecting into it the presence of multiple sexy ladies who all enjoy having a good time. If you have specific requests for a group of escorts it may take more lead time to book precisely what you want simply because we have to make sure enough ladies fitting your requirements are available, but we’re always happy to let you book multiple girls.

Q. I want to book an escort but I’m not really excited by any of the choices. Am I out of luck?
A. You are never out of luck when it comes to our service. Not all of the girls who work with us are found on our pages because some of them prefer to maintain maximum discretion. Still others have not yet been added because we haven’t finished compiling their interview data or photographs. Regardless, all you have to do is explain to us what you are looking for. We are certain that we know, among the young ladies who work with us, someone who would please you.

Q. What do I need to do before I get together with my escort?
A. Well, there isn’t a lot you have to do, although our ladies would appreciate it if you were freshly showered and dressed in clean and appropriate manner for the social event you’re planning on attending (if any). Really, just make any of the same preparations you would make if you were getting ready to go out on a regular date. Your escort is looking forward to it.

Q. What information do you collect from me when I book a San Diego escort?
A. We collect very little information. You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to, and we aren’t looking to amass any financial or personal data about you. We do business this way in order to ensure maximum benefit to you in terms of your confidentiality. We don’t want anyone’s privacy to be violated, and we have a great deal of respect for your need for discretion. You can always relax when you book with us, knowing your personal data will not be collected or compromised in any way.

Q. I am traveling through the area and want to book my escort ahead of time. Can I do that?
A. Sure! We are always happy to arrange bookings for the future. It helps us to set the girls’ schedules in a way that allows for maximum benefit to everyone concerned. You can probably imagine the amount of effort that must go into trying to keep all the schedules of our clients and our ladies straight while trying to make sure that those who want a specific young lady’s time are able to get it when they are available for it. Booking ahead of time helps us to accomplish this.

Q. I may want to book an escort at the last minute. Is this possible?
A. We value spontaneity as much as you do, so yes, you can book an escort without advance notice if the mood hits you for female companionship and you haven’t planned ahead for that. We do ask that you be understanding when it comes to the amount of time needed to make arrangements and get a young lady over to you, but as long as you can allow us that, we can send you someone right away. We certainly understand that sometimes, you just want what you want when you want it.

Q. I am disabled. Can I still book one of your San Diego escorts?
A. Yes, many of our escorts are experienced at helping clients who are differently abled. These range from hearing or vision impairment to mobility issues and other problems. We will always treat you with utmost respect, we will never make you feel unwelcome or condescended to, and we would be happy to show you a good time regardless of your disability.

Q. Is it possible to book an escort for overnight or for an entire weekend?
A. If you can afford the duration of the booking, it is always possible for us to book extended visits with our girls. This is contingent on the young lady in question having the time free in her schedule. Obviously, if she has other obligations, she may not be able to go away with you for a longer period of time unless she can reschedule those obligations. But yes, extended bookings are possible. There is nothing quite like spending an overnight or a weekend with our ladies.

Q. Does your service shut down for holidays or weekends or anything like that?
A. Except for exceptional circumstances, we are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This is because you just never know when you’re going to need the time and attention of a beautiful woman. We recognize this and do our best to be flexible because of it. Looked at another way, we can’t make money if we’re not open for business, so it’s to our advantage to have hours that are as inclusive as possible. We’re waiting to hear from you.