Amazing Alex is bisexual, and, in her words, try-sexual, in that she’s willing to try just about anything. She’s never seen a bridge she couldn’t metaphorically set on fire, and she believes in doing things her own way. She is very in touch with who she is as a sexual being, and while this doesn’t enter into her work with clients, she thinks it informs who she is as a person and really comes out in her interactions in other ways. This, she believes, is a real benefit.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex

“One of the things I love about other women,” she says, “is how soft and familiar they are, yet forbidden. I mean, I know society today is pretty encouraging of bisexual women. You could argue that as long as a woman is very attractive, society is very receptive to the idea of attractive women being together. But on another level I think it’s also becoming very much accepted as a normal thing. We aren’t even surprised when some famous hot pop starlet announces that she likes women as much as she likes men. She’s basically fulfilling the fantasies of a lot of people she does that. What could be wrong with it? What could be better? Most men and lots of women like to picture two women being together when both women are very attractive. We see their soft, sensual bodies pressed together, we think about their taut muscles, we picture their lips brushing against each other, their tongues probing, their hands on each other’s skin. It makes me hot just thinking about it. I think that our society embraces that idea of female sexuality. We’re extremely accepting of it, and that’s a very good thing. I think everything that pushes us to be more accepting as a society helps us all, in the end. I mean, it’s nothing that’s going to raise society up or bring it down, what people enjoy doing together with their clothes off. But the more comfortable we can be with it, the more happy we all are. And I want to be happy.”

Alex is very devoted to the idea of bringing happiness to others. She sees it as a primary good, something that really helps out the people she interacts with. “When a man comes to me and wants to spend time with me, it’s because my presence brings him pleasure,” she says. “I think that may be the greatest present you can give to a human being. You’re giving him the gift of happiness in the here and now. You’re helping him to get in touch with his desires. But you’re also fulfilling his fantasies. And maybe you’re just improving his day a little. A lovely woman can have a profound effect on a guy’s mood. That’s real power in your hands. The power to ease somebody else’s burden, to make them feel better about themselves, is something not a lot of guys know or think about when they come to us. But every escort can bestow that on a client if she just does her job with excellence. WE are all about excellence here at I think we adhere to a much higher standard than at a lot of other agencies. So it just comes naturally to always do more to help our clients.”

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