Caring, friendly, and always fun, Carmela is an obsessive exerciser who also enjoys kicking back and relaxing when the opportunity arises. Her life is divided into this duality: furious bursts of energy followed by what she considers to be whole-body relaxation, where she immerses herself in doing absolutely nothing so that she can recover from the activities of the day and the efforts expended. Carmela is, in other words, the very sort of young woman that men flock to, because she is capable of being all things needed by different sorts of men. She can be a bundle of energy who is always on the go, or she can be a sexy, slinky, relaxed little babe who is always exciting and never stresses her man out.


Age 26
Height 5’5″
Hair Dark Brown
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Carmela Carmela
Carmela Carmela

Carmela approaches her workouts with a single-minded focus. “I like to picture someone like Ronda Rousey or some other famous athlete,” she says. “The type of girl who has that war face on when she is approaching her task. She is the sort of woman who knows what she has to do and is determined to just attack it with a sense of power and determination. I like that about my heroes. I like my female athletes to have that type of energy because I want to emulate it. I want to use it to get where I am going in life. I won’t be an escort forever. I’ll move on to other things. Heck, in this industry, when you reach a certain age, you pretty much have to. But I have a lot of time left before I reach that point, and when I do, I’m going to bring the same drive to everything new that I try to accomplish after this. No, that isn’t right. I shouldn’t say try. I’m going to just do it, not try to do it. I’m going to go after my goals with all the energy and determination my heroes show me. I love to get things done. I love to be accomplished. I think the men around me get that. I think the clients I go out with respect that. At least, I’ve never had any complaints.”

Of her dual nature, Carmela is equally accepting, and thinks her clients are too. “I can switch it on and off,” she says. “That single minded purpose, that energy, is something I can use when I need and let go when I don’t. I never want to overwhelm anybody, after all. People have to be free to come to their own conclusions about stuff. They have to be able to be who they are. You can’t force yourself on people anymore than you can force your idea of yourself on people. What I mean is, we all have an image in our heads of who we think we are. We all try to project that onto others so they’ll believe that we are who we think we are. We are all creatures who are products of both our self image and the image others have of us. And reconciling the two of them can be a big task for some more than others. I’ve never had any problem with it.”

Carmela is basically totally comfortable with who she is as a person. “When a guy wants me to go into relaxation mode, when he wants a completely lack of stress, that’s always an opportunity for me,” she says. “I like to relax. I like to feel the tension floating out of me. And every guy appreciates sharing that experience. Contact me now and you really can experience that, too”