Captivating Grace loves to get out and enjoy nature whenever she can. She writes poetry and is very fond of dancing, like so many of our San Diego escorts. She is a natural submissive who also loves to be held and loved by a man who knows how to get what he wants. She is very much into respect for other people, and maintains a positive attitude in all things. She is one of our more popular San Diego escorts and welcomes the chance to get to know you. You’ve never met a better San Diego escort than Grace, who epitomizes her name.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Grace Grace
Grace Grace

Grace is a giving soul who likes to volunteer in her spare time. She believes that the way to be your most authentic self is to give of yourself whenever possible, helping others in order to help yourself. “I think we are only our best selves when we’re helping each other as people,” she says. “When you volunteer, when you do something for someone with no thought of getting something for yourself, that’s when you’re fully real. You’re fully who you are, and you’re showing the world your spirit as a person. How does that saying go? Integrity is what we do when nobody is watching us? It’s like that. I think when you volunteer, and you’re helping someone with no thought of a reward, then you are really showing who you are and who you can be. You’re demonstrating your potential and your willingness to help your fellow human beings. How great is that, really, when it comes to helping the rest of the world along? If we all helped each other we would all be better off. I remember reading about the fact that the entire world is some amazing amount of money in debt. But the joke is, to who? If everyone in the world who was owed money just forgave it, and every single one of us started out with a clean slate, we would all benefit. Every single one of us would be better off. So I try to approach my life and the people in it with the same attitude. When I volunteer, it’s with the hope that I’m helping to make the world, bit by bit, minute by minute, a better place to live in.”

Grace considers herself a submissive woman because she likes a man who takes charge. It isn’t that she wants to be bullied or pushed around, but she does like it when a guy takes the lead. “It’s like when you dance with somebody,” she says. “Back when dancing was formal, one person led and one person followed. We don’t really do that much anymore unless you’re talking about, like, ballroom dancing, but I like it when the guy leads. I like it when he takes charge and I follow. That’s why I’m such an effective San Diego escort. My job is to take my cues from my client and help him get just what he wants out of our time together. Whatever it is that he’s after, whatever he wants to do with his time with me, that’s what I have to give him. If he wants to go out and hit the town and go to a nightclub, that’s what we do. If he wants to spend some quiet time in his hotel, maybe hit the pool or the hot tub, then that’s what we’re going to do. A San Diego escort is always going to give you what you’re looking for so that when the booking is over, you go home happy.”