Hot little Hope is the kind of woman you can never forget. She loves to make an impression on every man she meets. She also knows that being beautiful isn’t enough to set her apart from her fellow escorts or from all the beautiful women out there in the world. The way she chooses to do that, then, is by being special. Her attention to detail, and her willingness to make every engagement as special as it can be, therefore make her the kind of escort that keeps clients coming back. She is never happy until she has done her job to the best of her ability. You might call that obsessive or you might call that perfectionism, but Hope is comfortable with either description and fully embraces the concept as she moves forward.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Hope Hope
Hope Hope

“Yes, I admit it,” she says. “I am a perfectionist in everything I do. There aren’t enough perfectionists in today’s world, if you ask me. Look around at the messages our popular culture sends to people. We’re always telling people that the world is a hard place full of hard things and they shouldn’t be expected to overcome them. Instead, they should declare themselves victims. We are so eager to put everybody into a little victim class and let them proclaim that life is just too hard because of things totally out of their control. What happens to people who embrace that attitude? They end up weak. So we’re raising a couple of generations of weaklings right now. To me, that’s unacceptable. It’s also not how I was raised. I was raised to work hard and to make things as close to perfect as they can be. Nothing, for me, is every just good enough to get by. I won’t ever reduce my effort to good enough to get by when it can instead be as close to perfect as possible. Now, I’m not stupid. I know it’s not possible to get through life making zero mistakes. But what’s that old saying about target shooting? ‘Aim small, miss small.’ If you work toward perfection, when you don’t reach it, at least you are close. At least you put in the maximum effort. That’s what I believe in doing.”

Hope has nothing but disdain for people who take shortcuts in life. “I was taught that taking shortcuts is the path to failure completely,” she says. “I think of it as sabotaging myself. When instead you put forth your best effort toward anything that is worth doing, then you’ll always have the satisfaction of having put the time in. You’ll always know you were the best you could possibly be when the opportunity presented itself. That’s the standard you’ve got to shoot for. If you do less than that, you might as well not other. You might as well just give up and do something else with your time. Because if you don’t respect yourself enough to be perfect, you don’t deserve the best efforts from other people. It’s a give as good as you get kind of equation.”

Hope is a sexy, stimulating lady who you deserve to enjoy tonight. Get close to Hope and get excited about the possibilities. She’ll apply her stellar work ethic to showing you a great time during your booking. That’s the kind of effort you want from a girl, and that’s the type of effort you’ll get from Hope. You always get her best, and she knows how to push her own limits. Contact SanDiegoBabeFinder.com today to get in touch with us and book Hope’s time. It’s well worth the effort.