Kristi is a sexy young thing who is very proud of her phenomenal body. She likes her rear end and her chest best of all. She’s a dreamer who aspires to great things, and who one day hopes to achieve her goals of becoming wealthy and living a life of luxury. She’s a fun-loving girl who knows that her beautiful body is her primary asset. She also believes strongly that in the United States, anyone can become wealthy if they just work hard enough. When you want a beautiful San Diego escort, Kristi is the type of woman who can fit the bill for you. She’s lovely, sophisticated, and oh so much fun. When you want to get to know Kristi, she’s ready to take your call.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Kristi Kristi
Kristi Kristi

“I work hard to stay in shape,” she says, “because I know that if I’m going to get anywhere in this life, it’s going to be on the back of my good looks. Not every girl can be a San Diego escort. The girls who work with are some of the sexiest and most beautiful in the city. If I’m going to compete with that, if I’m going to be the kind of girl who looks like she belongs among those ranks, then I’ve got to put the time in. I’ve got to work out and keep myself looking great. I take a lot of pleasure in being the sort of drop dead gorgeous girl that turns people on and turns heads when she walks into a room. I’m valuable because I’m hot. When a man books a San Diego escort, he’s fulfilling a fantasy. He wants to spend time with, and be seen with, a woman who is so incredibly beautiful that she impresses everyone who sees her, and impresses them with him. I can’t perform that service for my client if I don’t look as I possibly can. So I am definitely working toward my own goals while I am maintaining my high profile as a San Diego escort.”

Kristi believes in setting reasonable goals and then going after those goals with everything that you have. “Nobody is going to hand you anything,” she says. “If you want things, you have to go after them. You have to be consistent. A lot of people think that just having a goal is enough. They think about it and they wish after it, but they never take any actions to get any farther toward it. You can’t approach goals that way. You’ve got to work hard over time to go after what you want. Only when you have done that are you really on track to reach your dreams. That includes getting rich. I think every day about how I’d like to be wealthy one day. Money is the key to security, and when you have security, you can afford to relax and have leisure. Well, I want to spend my later years relaxing and enjoying myself. Becoming financially secure is what is going to make that happen. So that is what I’m going after. That’s what I want out of life.”

Kristi concludes her interview by explaining what she loves most about escorting. “I love the fact that it’s fun and exciting every day,” she says. “That means every day there is something to look forward to. I don’t ever have to worry about being bored and I don’t ever have to stagnate. I love my life every day.” Contact today if you’d like to spend some quality time with Kristy. You won’t find a better San Diego escort, guaranteed.