Luscious Lynn is always changing her look. She enjoys toying with expectations and keeping people guessing. She is the very picture of spontaneity. A lot of girls think they’re the type of young lady that it takes energy and persistence to keep up with, but Lynn is the real deal, and she knows what it takes to keep a man happy. More than that, she knows what it takes to blow a man’s mind, making him wonder what it would take to stay with her and live at her pace for more than a weekend or an outing. More than one client has reported back that Lynn gave them a real run for their money… and their money’s worth. She’s a real go-getter and the sort of sexy lady who men are always impressed with. Despite all that, though, she has the kind of positive attitude and positive energy that we look for in all our young women.


Age 23
Height 5’2″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn

“One of the reasons I love to toy with what I’m wearing,” she says, “is that I think the most fun a woman can give to a man is to keep him guessing. When a guy thinks he has a woman all figured out, when he thinks he knows all her mysteries and that he can predict her behavior, he loses a little interest. Now, he won’t want to admit that. He’ll go so far as to say that’s not true, that he finds her as interesting as he did before. But we all know that men get bored easily enough. They want excitement. They want adventure. They want to know that they’ve found something special. I’m all about making this special for my man. I love to change up his expectations and keep him guessing. But it’s not just for him. I don’t think you should ever do something solely for another person. I think you should do it for yourself, because it’s what you want, and it is what make you healthiest and most fulfilled as a person. That’s our job in the world, I think. To make ourselves healthy, happy, fully actualized people. At least, that’s how I’ve always approached it. I know it sounds a little loopy to some people, but that’s my way of doing things. That’s just my style of working.”

Lynn is the type of girl who’ll show up to a casual date in short shorts and a crop-top, or to a formal date in a killer evening dress that clings to all of her curves. She isn’t just looking to keep her date guessing, of course; she’s also looking to be who he wants and needs her to be no matter what the situation calls for. “It’s always about what my client wants and is looking to do,” she says. “When he tells me that this is how something is, and this is the venue where we’re going, then okay, I’m set and I can tackle it. Whatever he needs, I can be that. I can make him look good no matter where we go and no matter what we do, but some jobs call for me to kind of fade into the background, while other jobs call for me to really put the spotlight and focus on myself and therefore onto my client. Every social situation is different, and a good escort has to be able to read those situations. I think I’ve learned to do that. But more than that, I think my dates expect it and they appreciate it. So I love, really love, making sure they get what they need.”