Classy Robyn is a sophisticated young woman who knows how to handle all manner of different social situations while making her client look good. She also likes to lay out by the pool and show off her mostly naked body. She likes fast, expensive cars and even more expensive jewelry, and considers herself a woman of fine tastes. Robyn is typical of San Diego escorts in that she knows how to wear any number of “hats,” changing roles to suit her clients and the social settings in which they find themselves. All of the San Diego escorts here at have that kind of talent and ability, but Robyn is particularly good at it. She loves to please and loves to have fun.


Age 24
Height 5’3″
Hair Dark Brown
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Robyn Robyn
Robyn Robyn

“One of the things I enjoy about my job as a San Diego escort,” Robyn explains, “is that I can attend a variety of different social functions. One client wants to go out on a date. He wants to take me to dinner and get to know a gorgeous woman. There are so many great restaurants in the San Diego area, so I’m always happy to do something like that. Later, when we’re done with dinner, we might go out and see a show. We might go and do something else social. We could end up the date at a nightclub or something like that. That’s a more or less traditional date. I am always down for fun like that. Can you imagine if that’s your job? You get paid to go out and have a good time the way other people do socially. I love that I can make a living doing this. I love that this is my life. So when a client wants to keep things casual and just enjoy himself socially, I’m always happy to do that.”

Robyn goes on, “Then there are the unusual bookings. The ones that aren’t just some social date. Every once in awhile, for example, I go with a guy to his high school or college reunion. He wants to impress everyone there with what kind of player he is, so I go with him as fabulous arm candy and impress everyone he used to know. Or maybe he goes to a business convention or other work function. Some guys like a date to go with them to these things. Other guys just want a beautiful woman to keep them company while they’re at an otherwise boring function. So they book me for that. No matter how you look at it, it’s good for me and it’s good for him. See the thing is, I know how to be sophisticated. I know how to conduct myself in a variety of different situations. If you need me to make you stand out, I can do that. I can get you attention. But if you need me to just look nice and blend into the background, I can do that too. And if you want me to be casual and low key, I’m great at that, but if you want me to dress super fancy and just blow people away with how I look, I can do that, too. I’m a full service escort like all the girls here at If you want a San Diego escort and you want to get the best, you should come to us.”

Robyn is always looking to please you and would be happy to get to know you. Get some of her attention tonight by booking her time. She’s ready and waiting to hear from you. Book Robyn’s time today!