Rambunctious Rose might be easy to get along with when it comes to her clients, and she’s certainly easy on the eyes, but she’s also the sort of woman who can’t be contained. She is a rebel at heart who believes in speaking her mind no matter what. This fiery spirit, this passion, is something that can’t be learned. It is also something that can’t be conquered, not if you really want to experience a woman like Rose. This has made her a very popular young lady when it comes to our client bookings, as once a client has a taste for sitting next to the warmth of a fire like Rose, he will seldom choose to make do with anything less. Rose is aware of just how popular she is and believes in taking it in stride. That’s because she knows what can go wrong if a woman buys into her own attitude a little too much and becomes arrogant and unapproachable. The concept of being approachable is one that Rose thinks is very important, and she thinks that more or less defines what a San Diego escort should be if she does her job well.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Rose Rose
Rose Rose

“Think about what beautiful women have in common all over the world when they’re not professionals, but just people you meet on the street or when you’re out in public, or maybe even in a party or social gathering,” she says. “The ones that are very attractive usually know it. They get a real attitude on them. When a man approaches them they act all disgusted, like how dare this worm of a man, this unworthy fellow, dare approach her unless he’s super handsome and super rich and has all these qualities that a hot woman would naturally take for granted? I think that’s incredibly arrogant and just kind of tells you what sense of entitlement amateur women have. I call them amateurs because they’re not professionals like me… and they don’t seem to realize what they’re doing to themselves. After all, what’s the goal of going out and meeting people? Why do we bother to do it at all? We do it because we want to make a connection with someone. We want to get to know them. We want to spend our lives not alone. Well what do you think is going to happen to you if you heap attitude and scorn onto every man who tries to get close to you? He’s going to leave you standing there and find somebody who’s more approachable. He’s going to leave you alone. And then where will you be? You’ll be alone forever. I think more women need to learn that lesson. They need to learn that they’re not perfect. They need to be more approachable.”

These are all qualities that Rose believes she possesses. “I’m a very approachable girl,” she says. “That’s by design. I want every guy I get to know, every guy I go out with, to know that he’s worthy. He’s good enough. I want him to know that to get close to me, all he’s got to do is be willing to try. You encourage a man a little bit and he’ll quickly get the idea. And why shouldn’t he? He needs to be able to experience the full range of what he’s paying for when he goes out with an escort. He needs to know that he’s the kind of man a beautiful woman wants to be around. I think men are paying for that part of the experience most of all. That makes me very happy.”