Sexy Sage likes to be out on the town. She is something of an exotic creature, never quite what people expect. She obviously has that special look, that special something, that speaks to the men who take her out. She is used to getting noticed when she walks down the street, and she has that special strut, that sexy wiggle, that a really put together woman always seems to have. She knows that to stay relevant and to stay up on the industry, she has to look the part, so she’s always very meticulous with how she looks, and she sees this as a commitment to her clients as much as to herself. This is because she believes you have to take pride in yourself, and have respect for yourself, before other people can respect you and be proud of you. As a guiding philosophy, this has helped Sage to get where she is today, making her a very popular escort among those we offer. She is a bright, funny, sexy, fun young woman whom we think you will enjoy quite a bit.


Age 22
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Sage Sage
Sage Sage

“As you can tell from my name, my parents were kind of hippies,” she says. “They leaned spiritual. They were already well past the time when that was relevant for their generation, but they never let that stop them. They always had their own sense of style and they approached life with a kind of excitement and enthusiasm that I think everyone could learn a lot from. If you could bottle that enthusiasm and sell it, you would make a fortune. You can train someone to do a lot of things in life, and you can teach them many skills, but you can’t teach them attitude, passion, or enthusiasm. Those things have to come from the heart. That’s what my parents had, and they raised me to have that myself. I approach my life with that same enthusiasm, that same energy, and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Every girl deserves to treat herself with that kind of respect. She deserves to see the world through eyes like that. If you can’t be the kind of girl who has energy and enthusiasm in everything you do, you don’t belong out here, entertaining clients and making a showcase of yourself. Because that’s what we are. We’re showcases. We’re show ponies. We prance around and we look good and we thrill the people who are gracious enough to pay for our company. I’m grateful every day for that attention. I try to tell myself that I’ve got to earn it, I’ve got to be worthy of it. So every client who goes out with me gets that respect and that attention. He gets that energy.”

Sage is very passionate about respect, both giving it and receiving it. “The first thing every girl should do with any man who is gracious enough to spend his time and attention on her is to thank him. She needs to let him know that she appreciations that attention. She must never take it for granted. If she does, she is doing that man a terrible insult. She is taking him for granted as a person. I know as an escort I can never afford to do that. Every man deserves the respect of getting my best. The moment I start thinking that I deserve his attention, and I stop actively trying to earn it, then I’m settling for second best. I’m becoming complacent. Down that path, the path of complacency… well, that road leads nowhere good. That’s what I always tell myself, anyway.”