Scintillating Shane is a daring girl who is always pushing the envelope of what she considers her personal comfort zone. When she is with a client, she delights in learning from him just exactly what it is that he’s about. She thinks the key to giving a client the perfect experience is first to know him as a person, beyond the superficial of what he might say are his likes and dislikes. People, she says, can only be trusted to tell you what they think about themselves, but there is another dimension beyond what a man says about himself, and that is who he really is. Not all of us are good at accessing the truth of who we are as people. Shane believes a good escort is also skilled at bringing that out in people.


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Shane Shane
Shane Shane

“An escort is, first and foremost, the kind of woman who conducts her client on an adventure of discovery,” she says. “I know that might sound like I’m putting too much on it, that I’m making more of it than it is, but follow me here. I think we all have to know who we are before we can have a good time. Let’s say there’s a fantasy you have. A date you have always wanted to go on. One of the reasons you hire an escort is because you want to be able to do that thing, enjoy that fantasy, fulfill that dream, without being judged or mistreated. You don’t want anyone to laugh at you or fail to take you seriously, and believe me, I completely get that. So you go for it and you hire an escort. But you may not be able to go through with it. You may find yourself not fully communicating your desires to your escort because you don’t trust yourself, much less her, to go through with it. Maybe you fear ridicule and maybe you fear rejection. Well, a good escort will pick up on that. She’ll see it and she’ll do something about it. She’ll legitimately be able to lead you through the path of your own likes and dislikes and help you get to where you need to go. That’s because she’s the sort of woman who understands your needs as a person. She’s the sort of woman who is willing to take charge, get you to where you need to be, and help you to go through with your own desires and passions. I think the work we do as San Diego escorts is incredibly useful. I think we all deserve the opportunity to show each other what we have. And when you book me or one of my fellow escorts, you can finally reach your full potential.”

Shane is a sexy young lady who has all the right curves in all the right places. When she walks down the street, she gets stared at. She knows this will happen before she ever walks out that front door. “You have to just adjust to it,” she says. “When you command that kind of attention, you can let it drive you nuts, or you can be okay with it. I choose to be okay with it. In fact, I find it very exhilarating. When I’m dressing for my day, or for a date, and thinking about the stares I’m going to get, it makes me kind of excited. It pushes me to be my best. It’s a great motivator for never becoming complacent. I’m a beautiful woman every day, all day, and the attention I get just keeps me focused on that, for sure.”