Dazzling Siena is a great listener who believes this skill, more than any other, is what makes solid personal relationships possible. She loves to explore the nightlife that the city of San Diego has to offer, and she’s always looking for great new places off the beaten tourist path where she can take her clients to enjoy themselves. She’s very proud of her knowledge of the area and she considers herself a kind of cultural guide when it comes to those clients who are new to San Diego. All of our San Diego escorts are a lot of fun, sure, but Siena takes fun to the next level. When you want a wild night out with a San Diego escort, we encourage you to consider Siena. Every lovely lady in the world could take a few cues from sexy Siena, who struts her stuff on a daily basis and always makes an impression.


Age 22
Height 5’2″
Hair Light Brown
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Siena Siena
Siena Siena

“Life is such a gift,” she says. “I think every one of us fails to take into account just how incredible that gift is every day. We take life for granted, and as a result we don’t ever stop to think about what we could lose if it was all taken away. We live everyday as if we’re immortal, as if we’re going to go on forever, but any of us could get hit by a bus, get sick, or otherwise check out, and you’d never know it. One day you’re fine, and the next moment, in a flash, you’re gone. So when you approach your life every day, you should be grateful for getting up. When you wake up, get excited that you’re going to face another day full of adventure and potential. You should never, for example, think that you can’t face Monday. Instead be glad that you made it through another week and now you’re facing a week full of new potential. I love my life, and I try to be grateful for every new challenge that comes my way. When you see challenges as your reward for staying alive, you no longer feel down about them. You just know that you’re going to be able to meet them, and that’s a wonderful feeling.”

Siena believes that being an escort is all about seizing opportunity. She believes a good escort has to be able to embrace opportunity in order to embrace and live her dreams. “Every day, that’s what I try to do,” she explains. “I live out my dreams. I have this party that I attend for my job. It’s a party that goes on every single day. I get up, and there’s partying to be done. My clients tell me where we’re going. They set the schedule. I get to be surprised every day. I know that no matter what I do, I’ll be having fun, but I never know exactly what I will be doing until my client tells me. So I get to live the unpredictable adventure of always having fun things to do that are a surprise. It makes every week fun. I approach every slate of clients as a chance to live out all kinds of new adventures, and I’m never disappointed. People can really surprise you if you just give them a chance.”

Siena is waiting to hear from you. She wants the opportunity to show you just how very much fun San Diego escorts can be. Don’t waste time. Contact her today and find out what you’ve been missing. is waiting to help you make memories that last a lifetime, so contact us today!