Vivacious Vixen is a social, fun, flirty lady who is experienced and skilled when it comes to making her clients as happy as possible. One of the things that makes Vixen different is that she’s always ready to go all out when a new idea presents itself. When one of her clients suggests something, she’s willing to really take it to the next level and push on through. No matter what the suggestion, no matter how wild, she will consider it, and her willingness to embrace those types of ideas and take them on fully, really commit to them, is what makes her a very unique escort indeed. Not every escort has Vixen’s courage or her willingness to commit, and she likes to leverage that when it comes to getting attention… and repeat clients.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Black
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Vixen Vixen
Vixen Vixen

“One of the things I love to see if I can do,” she says, “is make a client a repeat client. Don’t get me wrong, I love the diversity of having new and different people in my life every day. When I meet a new client and I get to talk to him, feel him out, sort of get to know what’s going on inside his head so that I can see what he likes and make sure he’s happy with the service I’m providing, that’s always exciting. It’s the excitement and fun of something new. We are all vulnerable, I think, to the thrill that we get when we’re first getting to know someone. That first thrill of getting inside their heads, learning all about them, and sharing about ourselves. We all love talking about ourselves. We love defining who we are to another person. After all, that’s a big part of getting to know someone. It’s defining yourself. We all seek that opportunity to tell someone else what to think about us, and if we are denied it, we don’t like it. If they substitute their own idea of who we are for our own, we aren’t comfortable with that unless we’re very comfortable with who we are. So I do enjoy that part of every client engagement. But when I meet a new client, my goal is always the same. It’s to make going out with me so exciting, so much fun, so thrilling, that he can’t help but want to do it again and again. I want him coming back because he can’t get enough of me. When a client contacts us and asks for me by name, because it’s me specifically that he wants, I get so excited by that. It really validates to me who I am, and I value that validation.”

Vixen explains that she enjoys a wide variety of different people, despite the stereotypes of what an attractive girl like her is supposed to be into. “People see a girl with a body like mine and they automatically assume that I must be the sort of woman who wants a jock all the time. I want the Brad Pitt type with the empty head and the good looks. But that isn’t what I’m after. I like a wide variety of men, and I love to get to know them all. I like a guy with a quirky sense of humor. I like a guy who has hobbies like mine. I like a guy who knows what he is about. I like men who are confident but I also like encouraging men who start out less confident. Really, I like the full gamut of all the clients who come to us… and always, I want to be so much fun they can’t help but want to see me again.”