Zinnia is the kind of girl who’ll blow your mind when you give her half a chance. She is a whirlwind, always thinking of new ways to entertain. She credits her success as an escort with her willingness to innovate, to do new things, and to keep her dates fresh. She is proud to say that even her repeat clients never really know what to expect, but they are always eager to go out with her. She believes every man wants that same kind of variety and that same sense of fun. She is also very negative on the current state of the women that men date when they aren’t going out with professional escorts. These women who dabble in romance and fun, she says, have no idea how it’s done… and this is painfully obvious.


Age 23
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Heterosexuality

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Zinnia Zinnia
Zinnia Zinnia

“There’s a good reason women are threatened by escorts,” she says. “Let’s be brutally frank for a moment, though. Women are threatened by any woman who is attractive. Most women get insanely jealous, even when they don’t really have a claim on the man. Take, for example, a woman in an office. She has a guy there who is kind of sweet on her. He’s attractive, he works hard, he makes a good living. And he’s made it clear that he wants her. That he would welcome the chance to date her. Maybe he’s even asked her out before. She, however, always seems to be looking for something better. She is holding out for that perfect guy, where perfect is how she defines it and no deviations are allowed. Like this guy is perfect, but he’s not tall enough for her, or something stupid like that. So she strings him along and doesn’t want to commit to him, or even really go out with him. She likes having his attention. She likes knowing that a smile from her can make his day, or that she has the power to reject him and make him sad. She loves feeling like a woman who is that attractive and desirable, that she has this poor guy wrapped around her finger.”

Zinnia goes on, “All that changes when one day, this guy decides he has had enough of her teasing and stringing him along. He likes her, but she clearly doesn’t like him, so he’s going to move on. There are other women out there who are willing to show him some attention. So eventually he finds another girl. Maybe he even finds one right there in that same office or wherever it is. So now he and that other girl are an item, right? Well that first girl, she will be threatened by that. Suddenly she’ll be jealous. She’ll feel like she has a claim staked on that guy and she’ll feel possessive. But really what it is, now, is that she feels like he is saying she’s not attractive anymore because he has eyes for another girl. That sense of feeling threatened, that state of insecurity, is something that jealous women know only too well when they’ve strung a guy along for so long that he moves on.”

Zinnia continues, “So what it comes down to is that men like women who enjoy having fun, and who want to be around them, as much as those men want to be with the women. They’ll always gravitate toward women who have those qualities. Regular women, who are not professionals, lack those qualities. So they get threatened easily. I am always friendly and receptive to men. That makes me the kind of woman they want to be around.”